Helen Rivett


Helen studied Taijiquan with Dr Larissa Koroleva since 2009. She has been practising traditional Yang Style forms (Barehand, Taijijian and Fan) as well as competition routines. She has attended a number of seminars and workshops that helped her in her professional growth, e.g. she has successfully completed Duan Wei Level One workshop and is working on Level 2 and 3. Helen is assisting with running the Macquarie University Wushu and Tai Chi Club (Sydney, Australia) where she is regularly practising with her fellow members. She often participates in demonstrations and other events promoting wushu that help her improve her skills.


Helen was selected to represent the state of NSW in the National Competition in 2011 and 2012. In 2012, she was selected as a member of the team for the 9th Zhejiang International Traditional Wushu Championships (China) where she won several medals. Helen devotes a lot of her time and efforts to promoting Wushu and Tai Chi in Australia, and particularly in NSW. She is participating in organising competitions and various other events. She was elected to the Wushu & Tai Chi NSW Committee and is acting as one of the Board Directors of Wushu Council Australia.  


Helen has participated in several State, National and International competitions in Taijiquan as a member of the NSW State Team since 2011 achieving several awards. In 2012 she has won silver medal for her Taijijian and bronze medal for Yang Style Taiji and Fan in the NSW State titles. In the National competition in Melbourne (Australia), she won third place in her division. She was also awarded sponsorship from the Wushu & Tai Chi NSW in 2012 for participating in competitions.