Mark Shamin


Mark studied with Master Dong Bei and Dr Larissa Koroleva and practised sport Wushu including changquan, daoshu, jianshu, gunshu as well as traditional Wushu, weapons and Tai Chi. For several years he practised traditional Kung Fu (White Crane) with Master Peter Kuo at Pak Hok Kung Fu School in Sydney. He has attended a number of seminars, workshops, professional development courses, e.g. Workshop in Melbourne 2007, etc. He has also studied and practised at the Shanghai Wushu Institute with the Shanghai Wushu team in 2005. Currently, Mark is assisting in teaching Wushu at the Macquarie University Wushu & Tai Chi Club which he has been doing since 2010.  


Mark was selected for representing Australia as a member of the National Team for the 2005 World Wushu Championships in Vietnam, 2006 in Malaysia, 2007 in Beijing and 2009 in Canada.  In 2012, he participated in the 9th Zhejiang International Traditional Wushu Championships (China) where he won several medals. He was also invited to teach Wushu for the Macquarie University Wushu and Tai Chi Club. 


Mark has participated in numerous State, National and International competitions in sport and traditional Wushu and Tai Chi as a member of the NSW State Team since 2000 achieving several awards. He has also participated in various activities, performances and events promoting Wushu in Sydney and on the Central Coast and was awarded sponsorship from the Gosford City Council in year 2012.