SilverDot Qi Studio provides high quality group and personal training in all aspects of Wushu including Tai Chi and Qigong. Our exercise programmes are based on the latest research in the field and designed to ensure the highest standards of our services bringing maximum possible benefits to everyone enrolled in our courses. All our instructors hold internationally recognised qualifications, work continuously on their further professional development and are happy to share their broad theoretical and practical knowledge of the relevant disciplines with you.

We also engage specialists in various fields and instructors with extensive teaching experience an all areas of Traditional and Competitive Wushu. Many of them have participated in numerous competitions in Australia as well as international and World championships. Our instructors use both traditional and modern methods of training for physical development combined with the individual approach.

To see the range of disciplines on offer, go to DISCIPLINES page.

There is also a special programme for intensive studying through a series of workshops (for details see the WORKSHOPS page). We organise and conduct courses in various disciplines as well as cooperate with other schools and organisations.

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