Sydney Water

Sydney Water – Relaxation sessions for the staff (25 October 2016) – Sydney Water Facility, Chatswood:

“Thanks [L], We all really enjoyed the session and will take away some of what can be remembered.”

Biogen Idec

ausWushu Corporate training – Tai Chi – Biogen – Manly Beach, January 2013

Biogen Idec – January 2013 – Manly Beach, Sydney:

“The group did enjoy the session and I think they were a little more energetic. I will definitely keep you in mind if we decide to run any more sessions for well being etc.” (DC)

“great morning exercise on the beach!”

Macquarie University

Macquarie University, Sydney – Relaxation sessions for the staff (2012-2015) –

“[the sessions] getting a really good following, some great feedback. Thank you for all your effort and for making a difference to the lives of the staff.”


October 2009; February-March 2010

“[I] feel so much better for having started Tai chi, will definitely keep it up.”
“[It is] a great way to bring more energy into my day and meetings. Thank you and my teacher for giving this to all staff. Feeling great benefits.”
“[Tai Chi is] very relaxing, good toning, moves parts of the body sitting @a desk all day doesn’t move.”
“Good to have Tai Chi in campus. Thank you. It make(s) my work-life balance better.”
“[I] feel quiet after. Ready for work”
“Tai Chi always energises and revitalises me but a teacher or guide is always needed or the form goes bad.”
“[I] love the energy it gives to my day. I certainly have more energy thru-out the day, going in & out of meeting – my brain is firing. Thank you again, hope we can continue.”
“love Tuesdays now.”
“Beautiful to do outside with the breeze. Gave me lots more energy in the mornings. Loved it and would love to do more. Thank you [L.]”

Corporate Training

We provide our services to the corporate groups and various enterprises that vary in length and content and can be tailored to the specific needs – for example, sessions for stress relief, acupressure points for “computer syndrome”, introduction to Qigong/Tai Chi or exercise at workplace programme and many other different activities.
Please see below Feedback and Comments on work of our instructors teaching Tai Chi/Qigong at various locations:

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